🖐️Welcome to the official Satoshi Universe Lore Book!

Last Update: Nov 2023

This is your definitive guide to the Satoshi Universe, a unique blend of human and AI-generated illustrations bringing our narrative to life.

Here, you'll delve into the complexities of our expansive Universe, meeting key characters like Synth and exploring pivotal events such as the Rise of the Enclaves and the Great Bitcoin Heist across Earth, Moon, Sky City, and Mars.

You'll also discover original stories that delve deeper into the Satoshi Universe, offering new perspectives that may answer your most pressing questions — or raise new ones.

This Lore Book serves as the bedrock upon which our community can enrich, contribute, and expand the Satoshi Universe.

Whether you're a Synth in the sub-DAO Societies, a clan member of the Skyline Syndicate, or a traveler wandering through different eras, this is your gateway to understanding the complex interplay of power, technology, and ambition that fuels our world.

If the Satoshi Universe captivates your imagination, consider this an invitation to contribute your own chapter to our ever-growing narrative.

Embark on your journey through the Satoshi Universe now.

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